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Android is a software stack and an operating system for mobile device which include middleware and key applications. To develop the applications of Android mobile device, Android SDK gives the required tools and APIs.

Android SDK is presented by Google for the operating system of Android mobile device. Android SDK connects the Android developers with the Android mobile device. Android is a platform for using the Java programming language. Android programmers can also use Java language for Android application development. Social Tornado provides you Android SDK for the components, if you already have Android SDK and want to update the newest tools or platforms. Android mobile includes the main programs like internet tools, productivity tools and games. Social Tornado offers new users to download Android SDK.

Social Tornado offers you the latest version of Android SDK which has new features like animated wallpapers, zoom digital camera, multitouch mailbox from more than one account, quick connect by which you can touch the picture of a person from contacts, a new battery usage screen, gallery, camcorder, updated camera, quick search box and many more.

Our Android SDK developers are working very professionally and proficiently on Android apps development. They work on Android SDK while developing Android games application. You can get additional benefits as below:

  • Multi-lingual speech synthesis engine
  • Latest search framework
  • New Bluetooth API
  • Multiple supportive display resolutions and density
  • New gesture framework

All these features are to deliver perfect Android applications.

Social Tornado’s professional Android SDK programmers use Android SDK development to design and develop Android apps, and for the installation of Android games application and platforms to provide the best Android application development service.

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Google Android Development | Offshore and Dedicated Android Development Team India

By keeping up with the latest trends and technologies, you can use them to your advantage. In a competitive marketplace, promoting your business has become more important than ever. With the growing popularity of smart phones, finding the right Android Development Service Provider is essential to bring your business to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

As with any goal, it is important to have a plan of action to bring it to fruition. When looking for Custom Android Development, here are some important considerations:

  • Know what the competition is doing: You want your app to be unique and innovative. If you know what your competitors are doing, you can ask your app developer to create something better and different from what they are doing. If you have an innovative app, it can generate buzz about it and more people will be interested in using it.
  • Determine what you want and set goals: By being as specific as possible as to the actual functionality you would like from your app and special features you would like it to have, your app developer can tailor it to your needs. Make sure to detail the goals of that you want to accomplish with your app as well.

Choose the right Android Development Service Provider for your business:

  • Find companies with experience and expertise: Interview them asking about their experience and expertise and how long they have been in this field. Ask if they have any special expertise in specific types of apps. This may help you narrow down which Android Development Company to choose from that will be best suited for the type of app you want.
  • Ask for examples of apps they have developed: This will give you a chance to preview their work and it will indicate their skill level. If they have created successful apps before, they are likely to achieve the same for your company. You may also want to find out what kinds of projects they have enjoyed working on to get an idea of their creativity.
  • Detail your plan of action: Discuss with them your plan of action and ask for their feedback. They should show an interest in your plan and let you know if they think that your goals are attainable. It is important to find an app developer who believes that they can accomplish what you want while having the right skill- set to make it a reality.
  • Ask them about their app development process: After you detailed your plan of action, it is their job to create their development plan by thinking the technical details through. They may present it as a complete breakdown of each level of development which may be further broken down into the order of the features that will be implemented at each stage. They will also address any possible issues or problems that could arise and how they will find solutions.

Social Tornado Develop Android Applications of the following categories:

  • Internet application
  • Games development
  • Utility applications
  • Fun applications
  • Language conversion
  • Multimedia application
  • Medical applications
  • Business applications
  • Music applications
  • Entertainment application
  • Maps and navigation application
  • Travel & Lifestyle application
  • Book publishing application
  • Augmented Reality App for Android

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