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Android Software Development – Enhance the performance of Android Phone:

Social Tornado uses the latest Android Software Development kit to create custom software programs for development of various types of Android apps. The Android SDK has libraries, debugging programs, emulator and other tools, which enables Social Tornado’s Android developer to customize software for mobile apps.

We bring to you the advantages of the latest Android SDK in form of:

  • Multi-lingual speech synthesis engine
  • New Bluetooth API
  • Multiple supportive display resolutions and density
  • New gesture framework
  • Multi-touch Mailbox
  • Quick search box
  • Zoom digital camera effects

Since Android is based on Java, our Java programmers utilize the vast and rich Java libraries to develop Android software programs for your apps, so that they perform excellently on your Android phones and give you and your clients, complete satisfaction on personal and business front.

We Provide Android Software Development Services in Categories like,

Social Tornado develops software programs to customize third party apps on your Android phone so that you can derive maximum benefits or output from them. We provide Android Software Development Services in following areas:

  • Multimedia
  • Travel and tourism
  • Onsite /field applications
  • Personal utility tools
  • Banking
  • Online shopping/e-commerce
  • Social networking/messaging / Fun application
  • GPS navigation

Extra Benefits at Social Tornado:

Social Tornado runs a full-fledged offshore development center in India and has one of the finest Android developers in the country. By selecting us as your Android Software Development Company, you get following benefits:

  • Quick completion of your project
  • Seamless support and maintenance services
  • Excellent porting services
  • Flexible hiring options that suit your Android software development needs
  • High customer-centric Android software development services for optimum apps performance
  • Uncompromised quality at affordable prices

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